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Vitamin C Under $10! Blemishes Where?

Elbbub Vitamin C 20%
The Ordinary Vitamin C
Suspension 30% in 

Getting over a nasty breakout or any kind of breakout can be a great feeling. Until you see the mess that's left behind; YES blemishes and scars are the worse "My opinion" when treating my skin after a breakout. With my skin it doesn't matter how much I care of my skin I'm always left with blemishes from my breakouts and those blemishes do tend to build up in certain areas of my face due to continuous breakouts in those areas. So sis has been hunt for a few methods and I've found two products that I can work with. Elbbub Vitamin C 20% is my ultimate fav right now and I honestly like it better than the second option. This Vitamin C Serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Amino Acids! 

Amazon: $6.99

I love the consistency of this product and I'm already starting to see an difference in my skin within 2 weeks. I do apply every night before bed and it blends very well with my other products. Now The Ordinary's Vitamin C does not play nice with other products LOL the worse for me, because I have to moisturize my skin at night. I really think it the silicon in the product, but it does work very well and it does tingle/burn at first higher percentage of Vitamin C. I would say take your time with these products and use them at night before bed is best. Both  products are definitely UNDER $10!

                                                                     The Ordinary: $6.80

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*Elbbub Vitamin C Serum*

*The Ordinary Vitamin C 30% w/ Silicon*

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