Fall Frenzy

Hello Fall babes!!! Yes Beautiful people it is finally Fall season and

 the temp has official gone down here in NYC! I am super excited

 for this transition in weather and also this spiritual shift I've been

 experiencing entering this season. So many new adventures this

 season and I'm so ready for some pumpkin spice chai! 

Granted we are still going through Covid, but we can still have fun

 with our Fall clothes! I have so many projects in store for you guys

 so make sure you follow me on my social media (Links are Below)

 to stay updated on gems and merchandise for you guys! Spreading

 so much love this year, which is so needed and also standing

 confident in my truths as a Black Woman in America! What's your

 statement piece of clothing? What item gives you power to take on

 your fears? I would love to see you guys feedback to these

 questions in the comments! And remember stay safe, wear your

 mask, and most importantly keep positive vibrations on high in this


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