Beginner Yogi Vibe !!!!

Photo by: Jehada

Beginner Yogi Journey!

Wow what can I say! First off, I am truly proud of myself for all of the progess I have made in my life to align myself in the direction I wanted! The Pandemic has continuously put things in prospective for me everyday which at first became so overwhelming. With that feeling of anxiety attacks and constant worrying coming back I knew I had to be aware of these symptoms if they start to occur during NY Stay at Home Order! At first I started off real well by watching a few zen youtubers I had stumble upon and really applied a few of their organizational skills to keep up with a healthy daily routine. Within the first month I started to realize that I wasn’t committed to the routine I had set for myself which ultimately I knew my mental health would take a huge blow; Hello depression :'-(. Which is the type of vibe I knew I had to avoid during this global crisis; so I took my time and did some research on a few techniques that could help me mentally and also commit to!

Photo by: Jehada

I remember my first time trying Yoga! I wasn't a big fan of the class I was taking at the time; the asanas were way to hard to execute for a beginner class! But this time I really got to know a little more about the benefits of Yoga beyond physical strengths. Yoga truly helps you mentally and physically if its being taught to you in a manner in which is comfortable for you to align yourself with your practice! Most important its truly no competition with Yoga; you will start to see a difference in your strength after just one single class and you would want more. Staying consistent with my Yoga practice has made me more focus on things that are important while also decluttering my brain! I know during this time it’s super hard not to worry or be in deep concern, but you have to remember to always take care of yourself and keep your body healthy especially now! Currently right now I’m using the Down Dog app on my iPhone which I’m so loving and they currently have a promo for the month of May so if you would like an app to start they’re a great app to try! I also do have a few YouTube vids that I enjoy as well ( linked them below this post).  

Im hoping everyone is staying safe and staying home! Sending so much love and many thanks so all the essential workers out there 💜! And remember don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t done anything during these hard times; creativity is sparked differently for everyone so don’t be done! Most importantly stay healthy and love your family/friends which is sooo important; staying connected is the key! Sending everyone so much love and healing vibes to all of you! Stay safe. Stay home. ✌🏽

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