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Spring Cleaning Part 3

Hey Queens and Kings its Hippiekinks hoping everyone is enjoying this Spring weather minus the rain showers LOL! I hope you guys have been keeping up with your self care as far as getting your affairs in order for this next phase in your life for you to live your dreams! If you haven’t read my other post please do before reading this one so you can have idea of where we are at with Spring Cleaning our lives. For this part I’m going to focus more on taking accountability on what you are not doing in your life which is holding you back from your success. 

Taking accountability for some people is the most hardest thing to do! The action to admit that you are at fault for lack of success in certain parts of your life is not easy. It hurts to know that truly you play a role at holding yourself back from truly being happy! Your mind is a very powerful tool and if it is not in a great state its very hard to achieve success/happiness. How you view yourself in life is very important to your path to success! If you are very negative or positive yet you are very guarded not much is really going to happen for you success wise. For Example:

" I would be happy if my body was right!"
" I would be happy if I was in a relationship!"
" I would be happy if I had enough money to start my own business!"

Having these thoughts will stop you from your glow up hands down! There comes a time where you have to be real with yourself and come to terms that you may not have everything all together like you thought you did. Personally with me I had a well needed conversation with my boyfriend without taking anything personal. If your in a relationship having this type of communication with your partner is very important; its like your very own human reality check! Its also very important to have that relationship with yourself, being able to catch yourself when your mind is not on the right path. We have to learn to turn them negative thoughts into positive actions! For Example:

" I would like to start a diet regimen, let me research one that works for me!"
" I would like to settle down with someone, its time for me to put myself out there and date!"
" I want to start my own business, let research the steps I can take with my current budget!"

Positive thoughts are a start to a winning mindset that can take you on a journey where you need to be for you to achieve your goals! Look for the upside to every situation dealing with something you want in life! Its time to take those leaps in life and if you fail know that you can always try again with a different view every time. Bottom line excuses are not mentally friendly and laziness will not cure your unhappy feelings about your life! 

In order to achieve anything in life you have to fix your mind and have an amazing relationship with yourself! Trust yourself knowing that you won't let yourself down or let things get in your way. Fight that lazy demon on your back and get up to slay your dreams one at a time! Whether your afraid of failure or have a fear of starting, just know its all in your mind! Be honest with yourself and take the steps you need to take to be a better you. Taking accountability from a personal perspective was very relieving to my soul and I felt like a new person! Currently a few things that would cause me to have anxiety about them now only drives me to push harder towards my goals for solutions! Its time to choose yourself and know that this is not an easy process, but trust me its the most amazing experience to have with yourself! This is the last of my Spring Cleaning post guys I really enjoyed documenting my experience on coming to terms on where I stood in my life! I hope they are very helpful to you guys and just know that you are not alone with your short comings in life. Everyone has them and if your told otherwise thats far from the truth! Its time to kick ass in life LOL! I'm manifesting letting go of failure and taking a leap of faith; overall living your best life! Until next time positive vibes and much live beautiful people.

Peace & Love
Hippiekinks :)
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