Spring Cleaning Part 2

Hey Queens and Kings hoping everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather where ever you  live, but I'm hoping its a beautiful atmosphere! Honestly guys I have been truly working on my mental health which has been very depressing, but more so uplifting and clearing the negative thoughts that hold me back from my Glow up. Im learning that sometimes when we think we are communicating on a great frequency about our feelings we may not be doing in it in a way for others to understand us fully. Learning things about yourself and speaking on how you feel about things your not happy about are not the easiest things to do when you are not used to it! I've realized personally I'm used to shoving certain things in the back of my mind not realizing the damage it cause on my dreams I have set for myself.

For these few short weeks I had lost my creativity to write post and was more focused on other projects that I wanted to start to expand my business. Great! Right that's what I thought as i became overwhelmed with all these things I can do to push me further to my happy place when it comes to work! Now here's the problem I am very impatient when it comes to starting and executing a project and when it doesn't happen in the time frame I set my mind to I loose my shits! Not a great thing to do and if you are just like me Hunny your not alone. Having someone call you out on your shit is a start to making changes and I'm still a vigorous work in progress. My man called me out on my shit and let me know what I needed to know to take a second to realize what I have done so far! He reminded me of the joy I had writing you guys and staying connected to those I may be helping through my blog post!

Once again I left my baby (my Blog) to get my mind together and its ok to take a step back from your work when your mind isn't in the right place to do your best! I am not perfect nor do I have it all together, but on my blog you will get the real deal LOL and I will let you guys know when I am not at my best (nobody is perfect). The goal is to keep on going or pick up where you left off to continue with the race. I personally do not like failure which I didn't realize how much the thought of failure held me back from doing things that I'm passionate about. Its hard moving forward without thinking of all your short comings and the things that you could of done if the information was in you mind at that time! The past tends to own my mind which is something I'm not allowing to kill my joy anymore! Letting go of the things that didn't happen and looking forward to what you can take on tomorrow is a great way to look at things. 

My depiction on myself is not so negative and accepting where I am occupational wise does not determine my future! With in one year my hole life changed so fast in front of my life with great heartache and lost that I will never be truly the same again! I vow to myself in one year the changes that will take place in my life are for prosperity in life and happiness within my relationships with the people I love! Im becoming more mindful of my feelings and really taken in that I'm a great person that tend to have days where the sun just doesn't shine really bright. I am ok with that! If your like me drop a comment below and share your story as well. Heyyy that’s what we are here for to all learn together and help one another. Hoping this post help someone kick start their dreams in any way possible! As always I’m manifesting on Spring Cleaning your life and focus on your glow up; overall living your best life! Until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people!

Peace & Love
Hippiekinks :)
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  1. I Love it...You are such an inspiration!


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