Vlog Vid #1: Whitney Museum !

Andy Warhol 

Have you ever visited NYC and felt like you didn’t get a chance to see everything or never been but wondered what locations to visit as soon as you get a chance. I am so happy to let you guys know about the Whitney Museum which is located at 99 Gansevoort str, New York, NY. This Museum displays a lot of forms of culture taking you way back through the eyes of many well known artist! I really enjoyed the experience which was a day out with my boyfriend who planned everything and knew I was a lover of the artist Andy Warhol. It was a very eye opening experience and the tickets weren’t much ranging at $25 per person which isn’t bad for a Museum visit!

Warhol and Basquiat

The Whitney Musuem was founded in 1930 by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney that features many different displays of art on 8 different floors, also having a few cafes you can catch a bit to eat at while your their. The Andy Warhol exhibit is on 3 floors in the museum and the other floors contain other amazing works of art from other artist as well! Warhol incorporated a lot of different methods in his works of art and also including a bit of technology as well. The work of art above was great photo I took of my boyfriend gazing at the art he loved the most at the museum and also enjoyed talking about it as well. I feel that it’s great to explore inspirational events with someone you love; giving open room for discussions to open your mind to a different view of things. Now I’m not an art expert nor am I highly knowledgeable of everything I saw, but it was a great experience to see all of that beauty through someone else’s view is a great experience. I really enjoyed his portraits on famous/important people he saw as a work of art and also his depiction on our everyday household items. Andy Warhol to me was an amazing artist and one I can truly say I identify with, because it is ok to embrace your weirdness which can turn out to be amazing joy for others! 

 Andy Warhol: Aretha Franklin

I choose this location to be my first Vlog vid for you guys, because I know a lot of you guys would really like the atmosphere of the place! It has a lot of cool exhibits and the rooftop view is to gag for great for your own mini photo session lol! Hope you guys enjoy the photos I took and the mini Vlog Vid I made to give you guys a more inside view of the museum! Also this Vid is the inspiration for *wait for it* HIPPIEKINKS YOUTUBE CHANNEL,  lol yes guys Im super happy about the next level with my blog, but when God speaks I'm answering! You can view this video on my Youtube channel which the link is located below! I have so much to offer you guys; SO DROP A FEW QUESTIONS "WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT TO KNOW" lol! There are so many amazing places located in different areas of Manhattan with a lot of culture and I am super excited to take you guys on the journey! The sky is the limitless and I'm honestly trying to touch as many stars as I possibly can! As always Im manifesting on self improvement and focus on our glow up; overall living our best life! As always until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people!

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