Spring Cleaning! ❤️

Hey Queens and Kings its Hippiekinks and it’s officially Spring!!!! I am super excited about the not to cold not hot weather !! I know I’m not the only one, but this is the type of weather that makes you want to make a change in you life! This blog post won’t be long; I just would like you guys to joining me in the process of spring cleaning your life. It is time for us to make few changes in our life, mentally, and if you feel you need a physical change then add that to the list, because they all can be done if you put your mind to it! It’s time to eliminate your doubters and love your love ones from a distance if they don’t support you! Spending time with yourself is not a bad thing to do when your trying to figure out what you need in your life! If you have an significant other there is nothing wrong with taking some alone time if needed to get your mind together! If talking about these issues with someone you trust is better then do that!

Sometimes you just need a jump start on your goals with a better perspective and a clear mind on what you want to do!! I’m inspired by many signs that are presented to me everyday due to the fact that my mind isn’t so heavy on a constant basis! Don't get me wrong I have my days maybe a week I’m in my feelings, but I don't let it go for long and apologize to those I may have offended during my storm. That right there helps me with growth! I’m hoping my spring cleaning process give me a even better prospective mindset to pursue my goals I set for myself!

I will be making a few videos on my process and will be focusing more on the clean up for my glow up! I would love for you guys to join me and I’m sure any group out there with like minded people that you would love to start your clean up with. There is nothing like support and guidance when it is needed or you feel like you don’t know how to start. Heyyy that’s what we are here for to all learn together and help one another. Hoping this post help someone kick start their dreams in any way possible! As always I’m manifesting on Spring Cleaning your life and focus on your glow up; overall living your best life! Until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people! 

Peace & Love
Hippiekinks :)
Editor: Jehada 
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