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New View, New You!

When your presented with a negative situation that last longer then a day or week its very hard to stay positive and keep faith that life is going to get better. When people say, "Don't worry this just a moment in your life and that God has big plans for you!" in your mind your like "Where, when, and can this happen like right now". I know things may seem like forever and you feel that it would never get better but only go further down hill then where you already are. The statement "once you hit rock bottom the only place to go is up" is a truly a great way to put it.

How do you currently view yourself?

I have learn over the course of time that when you hit rock bottom you are going through a learning phase in your life that will determine how strong you are and where you need to make changes in your life. Question yourself "How do I view myself right now?" and I'm sure you are wondering what I mean. When you view yourself in such a negative light that allows all the negative things around you to intercept in your space of growth. The negativity you are unconsciously allowing in your space can distort the perception you have of yourself. This is were your thrown off your path to success, because you become more consumed about whats going on around you that you loose focus of yourself.

That is the destruction of bad energy and negative people in your life. To make a change you have to do some pruning in your garden of life. Meaning some people are going to have to get cut and left where they stand with their negative ass. Accept the things that you can't change and learn to live with them and not deal with them. You have to change your whole view on your life to start changing your life. Now that doesn't mean get revenge or do things out of spite because you get to a level where you can do! NO not at all do not tarnish you're blessing to come at a person or people that have done you wrong. You just simple pray for them and if they mean a lot to your life you must learn to love them from a distance, because they are not where they need to be to be actively apart of your growth in life. Don't fail the test God gave you to see if you're really worth the blessing, because you put to much work in to it!

New view, New You!

Now once you did that early Spring Cleaning to your life now its time to really live the life you in vision for yourself. Just know that everyday you start new and be a different person then who you were yesterday. Pick a new hobby, trade, or even look into a career change whatever it is get up and do it for your happiness in life. Don't give up no matter how many bumps may present itself on your road to a new you. I've realize people nowadays hate to start from the beginning with anything they try to do in life and look for the shortcuts. You have to remember all the work and fun in the beginning makes a strong foundation in the end. Nothing that comes quick last forever, but continuous hard work could never be erased or go unseen! Just know there is always someone out there watching you and wishing the best in whatever you do. Most importantly that person should be you, find that in yourself and others will follow to cheer you on.

A few steps to get on the right foot!

  1. Cleanse your social media of all the things that don't serve your growth.
  2. Take a break every now and then from social media!!!!
  3. Don't compare your life to others!
  4. Be honest with yourself and take accountability of your actions!
  5. Forgive yourself for any wrong doings that you may still be holding on to, because now you're not the same person you once was!
  6. Control your anger when it tries to present itself in a situation where it is not needed!
  7. Learn to walk away from people or situations that don't serve you.
  8. Meditate when needed! (FYI Amazing for anxiety!)
  9. Give people respect you would want back!
  10. Tackle your fears in life, fear is just a mindset! 
  11. Most importantly BE YOU!

Hoping this post was very helpful to you guys, honestly I am sharing with you guys what I've been doing with my life to be all the way on track with this New View I have of myself. I must say it has its up and downs, but I can honestly say I am waaaaaaaaayyyy better and happier than what i was before with other things in my life outside of my family. Honestly you have to take risk in life and not live in the unknowing which isn't really living at all! Whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish take it head on and do very best to see success. As always I'm manifesting on self love and overcoming fears; overall living our best life! As always until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people! ✌


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