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Updated Skin Care Routine 

The amount of stress I endured while my mom was in the hospital my self care routines were truly none extent as far as a very unhealthy eating habit and not following a proper skin care regimen for my face. The stress eventually had a party on my face which means I experienced a lot of bad break outs that left a lot of scars on my face. I bet you would never think stress could cause acne to acted up at its best but it did to me. 

Over the course of 2 months I have been trying new things (natural home remedies) to cure my problems without using harsh chemicals. Now I must say going this route it does take some time and dedication to see results, but it is very well worth it. I have a few ideas that I will share with you guys that has helped my skin get smoother,  very little break outs, and most importantly carefully fading my blemishes. Another problem I had notice about my skin was small craters which are scars from pimples that were deep in my skin and I didn’t like it very well. 

For some of my solutions I went to YouTube, but most of them were from a book that I was recommended on at home Holistic remedies (African holistic Health by Llaila O Afrika. Now if you don’t have this book let me tell you once your done reading this post please go get you a copy and thank me later! This book provides you with a lot of simple methods to cure a few health problems to minimize your doctors visits. I love this book, because it provides a lot a remedies to prevent common illnesses that are in the black community. Best way to avoid some genetically inherited diseases would be to get in front of it before it occurs. 

I will be keeping you guys posted on the progress of my new skin regimen. If you are not following me on Instagram don't be shy and go check me out!!! I will be posting my inspiration to get you guys through your day and also posting vids about my skin care regimen as well! I will also be listing below my day and night regimen as well as links for you guys to purchase the products if you can't get them locally! 

Day Regimen 

  • Wet my face with cool water! (Cool/Cold water helps shrink pores) 
  • Using my exfoliating sponge I use a piece of African Black Soap! (This natural soap is a deep cleansing soap that really gets in your pores to eliminate dirt which forms blackheads) 
  • Then I go in with a Black Charcoal Detoxifying soap as well! (Cleansing soap as well)
  • Dry my face with a piece a paper towel! (I don't use a towel or clothes because they tend to hold bacteria) 
  • Witch Hazel Toner to tone my face!
  • Use an Eye Cream for dark circles and puffiness! 
  • After that I go in with my oils starting with a spot treatment with Neem Oil. (Great oil for irritated skin and helps eliminate new pimples) 
  • Then I use Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera Gel mixed (Both Antibacterial Agents) all over my face.
  • To finish it off I use some all natural Shea Butter (Natural Collagen and helps rejuvenate the skin.) 

Night Regimen 

  • Follow the same wash routine as the day regimen !
  • I apply the same oils as well except for the Shea Butter
  • I use Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil (Closest oil to natural skin oil) to replace the shea butter application. 

Frequent Face Mask DIY
  • Bentonite Clay + ACV ( Deep Cleansing mask)
  • Aloe Vera Gel + Lemon Juice (Mask that helps heal your face of irritation and scars)
  • Moroccan Red Clay + Rose Water (Promotes a brighter look to your face without causing breakouts) 
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I hope these products are very useful for you guys and please let me know how they also work for you. Post a pic of your results on Instagram with the #hippiekinks and I would love to share your results as well on my social platforms! I'm manifesting on self love and overcoming my fears; overall living my best life! As always until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people! ✌


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