Body Shaming on the Brain !!!!


Hey Queens and Kings its Hippiekinks coming to you guys about a topic that I feel people should be
aware of when starting their weight-loss journey. Its a new year which I know for some people especially women who feel that this year is the year you take control of your life and live it the way you truly want to live it. Yessss My Loves! Im all here for that type of work and if your comfortable with  the way you are Im all down for that too!! The whole idea of this journey is for yourself and nobody else, and most importantly for your own happiness with yourself. Everyone has their own reason for their decisions on loosing weight whether its health reasons, self- esteem, or simply just wanting to make a change in your life for you.

When taking on this journey you learn a lot of things about yourself that are amazing and also you have the not so amazing moments that do occur. Never letting go of your Body Shaming way of thinking is one obstacle you may experience! Now that may sound weird to some people, but I suffered this problem for a very long time and in the very beginning I never noticed I had the problem. No matter how small I obviously appeared to others in my mind I was always about 10-20 pounds heavier which drove me crazy most of the time LOL! Now thinking like this will have you in your bag ladies and be all up in the gym going crazy. It took awhile for me to notice I had this problem bad and when I did I slowly found ways to snatch my mind back to reality. The reality that I was a strong beautiful natural black woman no matter my shape or size, because my journey wasn't done yet. With that being said I started to develop a few mental techniques to deal with these negative thoughts.

 One always accept a compliment on your journey with an open heart and congratulate yourself for the work behind that compliment. Try to stay away from pointing out your flaws as a response to these compliments, because it always keep your mind in the negative by speaking on bad energy. Two always look in the mirror and pat yourself on the back for making it this far in your journey. Three always treat yourself to something you love after every goal you set for yourself that you've accomplished. And four most importantly learn to love yourself unconditional no matter your size at that point in time just Love you!

I love coming to you guys about things that are on mind and I'm hoping that this blog post is very helpful to you guys as always! Wishing everyone have a positive and amazing journey to your goal size and weight. Also I would love for you guys to comment below and share a few tips as well from your journey with everyone to further help one another. If you haven't subscribed Please Do so you  can stay updated with my New Posts and changes on Hippiekinks! I'm manifesting on self love and overcoming my fears; overall living my best life! As always until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people! ✌

Hippiekinks :)
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