My Purpose!!!!

Hey Queens and Kings its Hippiekinks coming at you guys again with another blog post and I know its been awhile but I celebrated a birthday last month so I was chilling. Honestly guys I spend time working on my personal life but also on how to be consistent with Blogging as well as handling my personal life. I would honestly have to say its hard for me (LOL), but it is also one thing that I am determined to make a balance in  my life. With blogging and reaching out to people through my words and photos tackles a few fears that have with in myself. 

I know it may seem hard tackling fears especially when the odds presented to you don't seem promising, but thats when you manifest on your own strengths to reach your goals. Having fear towards the unknown is the most common problem we deal with on a constant basis.  Always putting things off doesn't get things done either and saving things for later isn't truly living. Its like we would prefer a preview of our future rather then taking the journey and finding out along the way.  I have of these problems  and didn't even know I had the issues, because I was always getting certain things done successfully. Right! In all reality I was helping other people with their fears instead of taking care of my own; which slowed down my growth and progression in my life. 

The fear of knowing your true self and your inner strengths can be fearful!

When starting my blog I had so many ideas in my head to pursue, but I wasn't aware of all the problems that I didn't resolve and never in my mind foresee the obstacles I would experience in my life. I believe if your not truly learning for change in your journey your pursuing in life then there is a chance your at a stand still. To be honest with you opening your mind to change and learning the real version of yourself will have its most hurtful moments, but trust me these are important facts that you need to know and confront with yourself in order to change. Its not just one day or one simple conversation you have with someone; its more like a everyday awareness you have with yourself to better yourself.

Some days the facts you learn about yourself will have feather like weight to your life and then there are others that feel like the weight of the world. These are facts that you have to deal with and confront them in order to move on from them no matter what they are. Handling these facts about yourself will help make you stronger along your journey in life you choose to pursue. Having full confidence in yourself and loving yourself in ways of self improvement on a regular basis is a habit you would want to develop for your everyday life. Not matter what it is own it! So what if its not important to others if it weights you down you handle it the best way you feel is right.
I love sharing with you guys my thoughts and also what I have going on as well. Consistency is what i want so I will be posting more often on many different things according to how I feel and what weights heavy on my heart/mind. Also I will be letting you guys know where I'm at in my spiritual journey and also my new weight loss journey for firming/toning purposes; I've been learning a lot about a more plant base diet and also a lot of great workouts. This time I decided to go about things totally different then the last by actually interacting with other people that I don't know that share the same problem and interest like me. I'm actually confronting my problems and having a few women to look up too that understands my struggles and some what I feel spiritually connected to. I will keep you guys posted and also share with you my motivators and positive women I love to follow for inspirational guidance during my journey.  I'm manifesting on self love and overcoming my fears; overall living my best life! As always until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people! ✌

Hippiekinks :)
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