Respect vs Love

Hey Queens and Kings its Hippiekinks the concept of Relationships has crossed my mind a lot lately and the pros versus the cons on whether to give time forming a relationship with someone nowadays. I believe we live in a time where people are way more focused on the luxuries they acquire from the person instead of simple respect for one another. Now when I say luxuries I don't necessarily mean materialistic things, it could simply be your spirit or vibe that just moves that person in the right way! Whatever it is you have to sort out whats more important to that person when it comes to you! Respect or the way I show my love for you towards you?

I think well should I say I actually know especially as women when things start to go South we automatically go for the things that we do for our partner and focus our minds on that as the base to why things will never end. Hhmmm are we right or are we leaving ourselves vulnerable to be disrespected? Can we rely on history with a person or take a long hard look on the history to see if respect was even present. In hind sight what is more important to you when it comes to relationships?

As I get older I realized it never really matter what you do for a person, they will only do what you allow them to do. The term check it at the door could not be more true to me now versus me in my early 20s. I believe we don't have to choose and be without one to have a healthy balance in a relationship. In order for this to happen you have to be true to yourself and know how you would like to be treated by your partner. I believe if you insert the type of respect you would want to follow in the future with this person it should be address before feelings get in the mix of things. Get a clear understanding of what your investing your time in and no matter what if the respect is not there naturally do not force it, but move on from it.

I believe nowadays a lack of respect is why a lot of relationships don't last and the person whose in pain causing the pain feels that respect is no longer required to keep you around. Love yourself first! That's where the magic happens; as much as we may love and support a person you could never stop being your own #1 fan. We tend to forget ourselves in the mix and become all about that person, well save that type of love for you kids not the person you have your kids with! How can you honestly empower someone else in a encouraging way if you cant do it for yourself. Idealistically you may know the steps but you honestly don't know how to put them in motion.

It all starts with you and the relationship you form with yourself to have a better idea of what type of relationship you would want to be involved in. If you are right with yourself accepting every flaw about yourself it will be much easier to weave through the crappy relationships and focus on people with potential. Be open minded to things that may approach you and experience new adventures that can help you elevate in life. I believe we learn things from every person we meet whether bad or good there is a lesson somewhere to learn and that would ultimate help you in life. Like always guys I hope this post is very helpful and I know I've been gone for awhile, but hey life happens and I'm learning guys! Happy New Year to all my subscribers and new ones as well, I'm super appreciative of all the love I have been receiving from the very beginning and hoping to reach more!! I'm manifesting on self love and consistency for myself and trust guys I am a work in progress LOL! As always until next time positive vibes and much love beautiful people! ✌

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