Should I start my Locs?

starter dreads, loc hair, dreadlock hair, locs When considering starting my Locs I knew personally I felt that this was the natural journey I wanted to take with my hair. On the other-hand I wasn't prepared for the beginning of my journey and all that came with it. Starting my locs for me challenged how I viewed myself without relaxed and trending styled hair. Also I was only four months into my weightloss journey as well, so I had a lot of self insecurities to manage all at once. How did I do it? God LOL and along with other things, but that is for another blog post 😉. As my locs get longer I noticed I get a lot of comments, but I always get these recurring comments/questions which I'm sure all my Loc queens can relate.

Your Locs make me want to start mine, Should I start my Locs?

Now honestly I can not count how many times I hear that comment in a discussion about my hair regarding the color or style I have at that moment. Honestly I love when I am asked this question and always grateful of the many compliments that are giving to me. My answer to this is always if in your life your ready for this commitment with your hair do it and don't stress the negativity behind it. Do your research on how ever you decide to start your locs whether its free form, two strand, comb coils or whatever method you take so start your process. Also get to know your natural hair learn what works for you, focus more on growing healthy locs oppose to just wanting trending Loc styles and color. 

 HippiekinksHow often do you color your Locs?

In the beginning of my journey I would color my hair anytime I felt like I had to much new growth and wanted my vibrant blonde or whatever color at the time. I didn't really care for my natural hair color and I was into color at the time as a new license stylist. After while had a some thinning so I decided to just take a break; which was an amazing idea, my hair grew much faster without coloring it so much. So now I only color my hair twice out the year, everybody is different, but this method works for me. I haven't colored my hair for a year and half now which is new for me, I'm loving my two toned locs right now 😍 LOL. 

How do you maintain healthy Locs?

I maintain healthy Locs by following a consistent hair regimen and using my essential oils. I make sure my protective styles are not tight to cause thinning or pain on my scalp and try to make sure I cover my hair every night. I love watching my fave natural hair and loc YouTube subscriptions to always be informed of new products and natural trends. Also I try my own remedies as well being a license stylist, but I'm open minded to everything in the natural hair community. I basically give my locs some good ole TLC and they love me back LOL!!

Thank you guys again for the love and I hope you enjoy this post. I would love for you guys to share your experiences you encounter meeting new people being loc'd or natural. What type of questions you often get and I would love to feature your experience up on one of my post. I'm all about encouraging people and who knows what your experience can do for another individual. You can email me your experiences and my email is located on my social media. For some loc tips you can check out my post Loc Moisturization for some tips and I will be posting more products in future post. As always until next time!! ✌

Hippiekinks :)
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