My Summer Favs on a Budget Review!!!!

 Hippiekinks My Summer Favs!!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! I come to you guys this time with my favorite beauty products that I've been using since the summer started. Now I'm not one of those women who have the patience to apply a full face of make up and I love a beat face as well. The issue is I don't have the patience to do it on a consistent basis, I commend the women who can. My everyday make up routine takes me all of 5-8 minutes LOL, quick I know due to the fact its very little that I do, but overall I love the look. Looking good, smelling good, and feeling good are always a plus to have during the summer. In the pic of above you see a few of my summer favs and I will explain to you guys how awesome these products are. So just sit tight!

I Love a good Summer Fragrance!

Ever since I was a little girl I can always remember my mom splashing a little perfume on her neck before she went anywhere. Lets just say the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree LOL, I love a good perfume its so refreshing and it can brighten up your mood depending on the scent. My favorite perfume this summer was Burberry Touch, hey it may be old but I love the crisp fragrance and how it blends with my natural scent. I also love the body mist to some popular fragrances as well, I love to apply them on my body after a nice shower. When I first started seeing these babies on the shelves I just had to try them and they're under $10 depending on where you go. I buy my Body mist at Burlington and TJ Maxx along with a few of my perfumes as well. When I smell good I personally feel good, so I recommend all women should have a fragrance you apply to yourself everyday to brighten up your spirit and make you feel good about yourself for the day. 

 Photo by Hippiekinks

My baby Beat!!!

My everyday make up look consist of masscara, sometimes a cat eye, matte lippie/lip liner, and sometimes a bit a bronzer all over the face. Its a very minimal make up look, but it works for me when I want a little more glam to my look for the day. During the summer months my face tend to break out more so I don't really apply a lot of make up on unless I'm going to an event or an outing where I feel I need to beat my face 💄. For my subscribers out there you guys already know how much I love matte lippies and for all my new comers you can check my blog post Frugal Hippie Tips to catch up ☺. 
Rimmel's Stay Matte liquid lip colour in Fire Starter, is one of my top favorite frugal liquid lipsticks along with Wet'n'Wild Catsuit. When I apply it has medium pigmentation and it takes a few coats for desired color which isn't bad for me, because I apply a lot for a bold look. It sets rather quickly with no transfer and it holds for a few hours depending on what you eat or drink of course. I personally love it due to the fact its only $5.29 and you cant beat that with those kind of results 👐. Revlons Lash Potion will always be my favorite mascara hands down, honestly for a year now its the only one that I buy. I love the brush on this mascara, it spreads out my lashes evenly and its also waterproof.
 Ruby Kisses All Over Glow bronzing powder is the best bronzer I have ever bought from a beauty supply store. I love love love it!! I would recommend it to all you ladies out there that love bronzer and its only $3.99!!! I have the shade Bronze Glow which is a somewhat rose gold kind of shade and I love this shade on my skin tone. NYC Liquid Eyeliner will always be my go to liner its under $10, it didn't make the pic because my top is currently broken LOL. Its highly pigmented, drys matte, and doesn't feather after long wear. So ladies if you don't have it and its also budget friendly, this liner will not let you down trust me!!!
Also I can't forget my Daylogic Ultimate Sheer spf 70 sunscreen which I apply to my face and body. Sunscreen is very important to use during the summer to help protect your skin from the sun rays. I mostly apply it to my face, because of the face cleansers that I use which makes my face vulnerable to the suns elements. If your experiencing more breakouts during the summer this can also be a factor as well. So you have to be mindful of the type of products you use on your face and body during the summer months. You might want to consider adding this sunscreen to your skin care regimen and it can be bought at your local Rite Aid under $10. 

To top off my variety of looks, would be whatever kind of accessories that accommodate the look I'm sporting at the time. I personally like to get wild and crazy with different looks and dress according to how I feel. I feel accessories complete a look and also bring out certain features as well. Chokers and Sunshades have been trending all summer along with different kinds of hats. I love it especially being a New Yorker you see all sorts of cool, crazy, and funky styles during the summer. 

Hope all my subscribers enjoy the read and also much love to all my readers out there. Thank you guys always for the love you guys give to me here and my social platforms as well. If your not subscribed to my blog drop your email in the subscribe box for updates on my post and Hippie tips. As always sending positive vibes and much love to guys back, until next time Kings and Queens! ✌

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