Love Yourself Boo !!!!

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Hey loves and lovers hoping everyone enjoyed my last blog post and Thank you guys for all the support I truly appreciate it 😘. I have finally choose the days that I will be posting my blog topics; which will be every Monday and Thursday night. You guys can also follow me on my social media which are located on my blog for any blog updates as well. Now lets get started !!!!

Over the course of years the whole dating game has taking way more then a 360 turn LOL, its like another world that can be very beautiful or very hurtful. When meeting people and dating its very easy for reality to get distorted depending on the situation and people involved. One-sided relationships seem to be trending nowadays which is why there is so much heartbreak and lets not talk about the affects of social media. I also realize there is a large portion of women that don't care for relationships and marriage is not even on the table, because dating is so horrible nowadays. 

Now honestly guys I can understand totally why women and  men may feel this way. I have had a my fair share of idiots in my lifetime that made me feel this way as well. Now I have never been a woman big on marriage and children I believe if its meant for me it will happen, but for the women who do want these things should not lower their standards to meet society's requirements of an "ideal relationship". There is no need to change your personality or looks for someone else; those are changes you make only for yourself. 

When you decide to make changes for people that are not deserving of your time it can be detrimental to that growth your trying to pursue. When choosing a partner that person must genuinely love the person they met first not the person your working on to be. You want a partner that will be encouraging, loving and by your side through the whole ride. I believe nowadays we tend to loose sight of that, because we want companionship. That's why I always stressed to my friends and the people I met a long the way to learn how to love yourself first.

When you learn how to love yourself by being single enjoying life and learning yourself you gain the knowledge on how you should be loved. Knowing your worth and how you should be treated is very important when choosing the person you ultimately will want to start a family with. Black love is beautiful, Yes, but when it shown in a beautiful unselfish love kind of way. Respect is also very important, make sure that person respects you as a person and your time that your giving to them. Don't be naïve to obvious signs that the person you may like or love deeply don't respect you for you.

If that person constantly put you down its normal in the beginning to actually believe what the person is saying about you. When this happens take a few steps back and assess the situation to get a better perspective. Now if you know in your heart that you are not at fault of these negative comments and there's no resolution then you must show them the door. Don't settle for someone who don't deserve your joy and don't force your joy on them. Know your worth and Own it!

Most importantly always learn from every bad relationship, to avoid repeated situations and also you grow without being bitter. Learn to let go and forgive the ones who hurt you the most so you can move on with your life joyfully. Get to know you before letting someone else do it first. Once again much love to all my readers sending out you guys positive vibes! As always hoping my post is helpful to you guys, I'm all about self love and confidence. Till next time! ✌