Natural or Nah?!?!

 Should I Go Natural?

Should I go natural and leave the creamy crack? This question was asked to me by one of my close friends whose considering starting her own natural hair journey. Honestly I'm not a person to push natural hair on anyone, but its always good to do your research and ask questions before starting something new. Out of all my friends I'm the only one with locs and also been natural the longest. Honestly when I decided to go natural and even considered my locs I didn't have a lot of support, but I did what I wanted to do and now they give me the most compliments 💁🏽. So with that being said here is my views to you guys on going natural, So sit tight!

 Its Your Natural Journey
When starting your journey always remember its your own journey and stay focus on your own journey. Its great to have naturalnistas that you love to watch and keep up with, but try not to compare your journey to theirs. I feel when you compare yourself to others your missing out on loving and learning your own natural curls which is kind of the whole point of your journey. Don't focus on getting your hair to look like anyone else but your own genetic version of you. You have to switch from that relaxed state of mind to a natural state of mind to be prepared for the ups and downs of your journey. 

 When you began your journey you will have good days and bad days too just like relaxed hair. I understand that relaxed hair is easier to managed on those bad days but you also have to remember some of those styles do tend to damage your hair as well over a course of time. You want to be creative and show your personality through the styles you come up with and eventually love. Also except what you cant change about your hair,  learn to make it work for you and not against you. Frizziness is inevitable so embrace the frizz, their are a lot of styles that look great after a long wear so get to know those styles along the way.

Now the Big Chop is not for everybody and I completely understand that. For some people its not that easy just to cut all your hair off to start over and you have some who just love a good haircut. I say do what works for you as long as you understand the process you choose to take to start your journey. You have to be mindful that there is stages that you have to go through to get to those styles that you desire and most importantly you want healthy hair more than anything. Get to know products that work for your hair texture and have a set wash regimen that you consistently do to see results of the products that you love. When I started my natural journey I would buy the small travel size bottle of a new product that I wanted to try. This was very beneficial to my pockets, because if I didn't like the product it wasn't much of a financial lost.

When it comes to the natural hair platforms you decide to follow  for product reviews and information on natural hair you must be mindful on who you decide view. I suggest on choosing a person who hair texture is similar to your hair texture so you could relate more to the person you watch or look up to as your Hair Crush. When you take you time out and look to see whose in your niche naturally it would be easier to follow the advice these ladies give. Advice on how to pull off styles would be easier to execute,  because you share the same hair struggles and want the same goals. Also their suggestions on products would be more beneficial to you more so then a person who doesn't share the same hair texture as you. 

Most importantly do this journey for yourself and not for others approval. You got to keep in mind everybody is different and like different things, but at the end of the day your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. I had a conversation with my best friend mom and she said to me "Jayda honestly it doesn't matter whether your natural or relaxed it still requires work if want your hair to grow". I totally agree that no matter what state your hair is in it requires work from both ends you and your stylist to consistently maintain your healthy hair growth journey. Natural Hair to me is all about expressing the true version of yourself, so don't be afraid to show the world your version of art. Hope you guys enjoy this read, because I spent some time thinking on how to send my positive vibes to you guys. I love all my subscribers and new ones too 😘, sending you guys much love and positive energy through my post. Until next time beautiful Kings and Queens. ✌


  1. I enjoyed the topic of your Post, I began my journey with Locs not quite a year ago and for me it has been the best hair decision I've ever made, I only regret not being able to do it twenty years ago! *smiles* As an Old Hippie I always liked Locs, but in my Corporate Lives back in da day it would have been a definite barrier to Employment and Corporate Success. I am so Glad that the Young People now can enjoy more Freedom of personal expression without as much judgment, especially with hair... after all, it's just hair so I fail to understand why some people can get so worked up about it? *LOL* So Glad I found your Blog this evening, Blessings, Peace and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Thank So much Dawn for this and I truly love reading your feedback!!! 💕


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