My Testimony !!!!!!

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Hey love bugs sorry its been awhile since my last post been a little busy and working on a schedule that is efficient for me to make more blog post for you guys. I would like to thank you guys for all the love I've received in such a short period of time and it motivates me more to create more content for my natural love bugs 🤗. To let you guys know more about me I decided to write my testimony on my weight loss journey and natural hair journey. I'm sharing my experience with you guys to let you know why, how, and what to expect when you are making a decision on whether to go natural or deciding to loss weight. Honestly guys the day I decided to go natural unknowingly I was starting my weight loss journey. So if you read this far sit tight, keep reading, and you will know more about the women in the picture above. 
When I decide to go natural I was in my 360 term in Cosmetology school and became more aware of how harsh chemicals can be on your hair. I decided to wear full head weaves during my transitioning period while my natural hair grew to a decent length for the BIG CHOP. I already had a pixie cut so I wasn't afraid of the BIG CHOP my concern was more so how am I going to look with my natural hair, because I honestly didn't know what it looked like. I even started walking more around the city instead of taking the bus to my school and back to grand central. I also ate less due to the fact that I was always busy with classes or some type of event regarding my studies at the time so I really didn't have time to sit and eat bad foods. 

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My BIG CHOP was like the best thing I could have ever done with my hair, because I personally fell in love with wash and goes 😍. Also I learn I have four different hair types, my hair is still fine naturally, and the products for natural hair smelled amazing. While having my short curly do I started dealing with make up more to enhance my natural curly fro that I grew to love as it grew. During the beginning of my natural journey I used Dabur Amla Oil which really made my hair grow really fast and I still use it along with my other essential oils. 
While getting ready for my best friends birthday party in 2012 I was so happy that I didn't have to worry about going to a salon to get my hair done, but also I noticed that I couldn't fit into any of clothes due to the fact unknowingly I had loss a bit of weight. I went from a 20 to a 16 in pants size, so right then and there I made the choice to keep it going by adding workouts to my daily schedule and I also looked up different diets to eat cleaner to loss weight. Honestly it wasn't a hard decision to make, I think mentally I was ready for a change and tired of what I knew I wasn't happy with. Being that I have acid re-flux I didn't dabble in no chemical weight loss pill; I decided to go the natural way by using natural dietary supplements and working out consistently.  Yes!!!!! I know sounds amazing and still an amazing journey that I am still on to maintain a healthy body and life.
By the time graduation came which was 4 months in my weight loss journey I was a size 14 and also decided to Loc my hair. My natural journey lasted for about 7 months then I decided to Loc my hair for more spiritual connections with myself. It wasn't easy losing weight and starting my locs, but I was determined that my true self was worth the journey. You will have days maybe weeks missing your workouts due to personal issues which is fine don't beat yourself up. As long as your eating a healthy diet you are good to go, always remember 30% workout and 70% diet.
Going through an extreme weightless is a persons own choice not anyone else; its a choice that YOU have to make, because your the one whose doing the work and making the commitment. So when doing this do it for you and not anyone else so therefore you wont have to deal with disappoints from anyone, because your doing it for you (which is minimal pressure). Also you may go thru a few emotional obstacles which few people talk about and I think they should be addressed. Depending on your size some days you may not like what you see and think "What did I do? Should I go Back?", honestly I believe do what makes you happy but if you want to see that transformation you gotta keep going. I personally got through these moments by tell myself  "Jayda don't worry your body is just changing." which is true your body will change and fat will shift, because your breaking it down and getting it out of body. 
While on this journey always present yourself around positive and encouraging people. Get rid of negative energies in your life, no matter how long you've known a person at some point you have to choose yourself. The joy you feel in your heart when you see the results of all you hard work can not be described in words so I say to you ladies and guys keep going and don't give up. I have no regrets about any of my decisions that I have made so far and I am very proud of myself for making it this far in my journeys. Hope my experiences are helpful and if you want some tips drop a comment to this post. I would love to answer your questions and share my tips with you !!!! 😘

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