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Hey beautiful naturals, I hope you guys are all enjoying your summer slaying them summer fun natural looks with your curly tresses, Honestly I would have to say this has been a great summer for me filled with new adventures and self growth, basically keeping myself around nothing but positive people and promoting spiritual growth. So if your all about positive vibes and want to know some beauty tips. Well my love your at the right place for some Frugal Hippie Tips I feel all my natural girlies would love to have in their beauty kits!!!!!

I subscribed to Ipsy for the first time last year in October and honestly I love it!!! If your a frugal woman like me and high end make up is just not in your budget all the time, but you do want to treat yourself from time to time you would want to make the best decision on which products to get right? If you answer is yes Ipsy would be perfect for you to sample products from 5 different companies high and low end every month. The subscription is just $10 a month, you get some sample and full size products to try, and then go on your account to give your reviews on these particular products. When making your account they ask you to choose what type of beauty range of products you would like such as skin care, hair products, and make up (lips,cheek, and etc.). They also ask you to choose you favorite product companies, skin tone and hair texture/needs. Now I know some woman are not big on reviews, but the reviews for these products are important ladies. Your reviews help the creators choose products that accommodate to what you like and would want to receive in your glam bag every month. I personally love this idea of trying different brands of beauty products, because its only $10 and I get to see what products is worth me spending big bucks without actually having to spend the money. Now how perfect is the that, I know amazing right, and another plus is you can use the glam bag as a make up bag for your purse. I haven't bought any make up bags since I've subscribed so I'm pretty happy about that as well. 

So if you read my review on Gluten free lippies you would know how much I love matte lipstick!!! They are the best to wear when your the type of girl who doesn't like to reapply lipstick through out your day and trust me I understand, but this liquid lipstick would just might do the trick for you. I've been a fan of Wet n Wild products since the very beginning of my natural journey and I love this product for great quality cheap matte lipstick. Their new matte Liquid Catsuit lipsticks are animal cruelty free ranging in 13 different colors and gives an ultra matte finish. The colors are highly pigmented and it gives very minimum transfer will drinking beverages. It is a lot long lasting then a few high end matte lipsticks which is a major plus and guess what its under $10. Yes ladies these lippies range in price depending on where you go they are  $4.99 to about $5.49 without tax!!! You cant beat that at all and honestly these liquid lipsticks are the only lippies I've been using all summer, basically Love at first use LOL!! I pair these liquid lipsticks with different lip liners to manipulate the shades into different colors and I am good to go without constantly having to apply the product. I'm so in love with the ultra matte finish and they don't feather after long wear. 

Always hoping my advice is helpful to you guys, I;m always sending the good vibes and wishing much self love for everyone especial my frequent readers. I'm going to keep up with my Frugal Hippie Tips so please hit the subscribe button to stay updated with my post. Also drop a comment below to let me know your experience with these products and also I am a fellow product junkie so send me some product suggestions as well.


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