Self-Actualization of a Black Woman

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Hey guys I know its been awhile since my last blog post, I been brain storming for awhile what my next content should be and how can I truly help someone out there whose reading this now. With  true help and support from my close friends they gave me a few ideas to work with. The consistent topic that was suggested to me was Relationship/Life advice and honestly I truly do not believe I got the magic to heal a broken heart, I only advise my friends off of my life experiences and how I mend myself from certain situations in life that can break you down. I truly love my friends and they are very supportive so I'm going to give them what they been demanding LOL. I'm going to share with you guys a few tips and suggestions on how to get back up and if needed reinvent yourself into the person you want to be which is true happiness with oneself.

Naturally when everything is going good in your life you do what you have to do to maintain that happiness, which is understandable but there are the things we can't control and also the things/people you take for granted are no longer available. These obstacles that tend happen to us in life can be detrimental to our dreams and goals; hindering us from our true potential. The main reason of this is "Holding On" to a toxic situation, because you still see potential in a dead situation or your just not accepting a big change in your life. Whatever the obstacle is it will stunt your self growth and fill you with negative energy which is very toxic for you. Over time I've learned how to overcome these obstacles having an open-minded to change and new experiences.

What we tend to forget that not all happiness is long-term and maybe cut short, because you out grew that situation. As I get older I'm starting to realize that these obstacles shape us into the women or men that we are becoming today. For example your in a relation with a guy/girl and was happy/content at the level that you was at your job and life. Everything is going good planning your future with this person, but all of sudden this perfect world isn't so perfect and you guys were never on the same page of growth. So you go through a break up, heartbroken with ice cream and depressing movies for a couple of weeks and don't really want to go out with friends. In these moments you are at your most vulnerable state meaning spending time working on yourself should be your only focus.

Spend this time thinking about what mistakes you have possibly made and what improvements you want to make to yourself. Write all these wants and needs for YOURSELF and follow through with them; learn a consistent regimen for yourself to maintain your new found happiness. Another thing is to learn how to end toxic relations (BF/GF, Friendship, Job, etc.) that are not supportive to your new found growth. There are people in life who are wearing supportive mask but underneath it all really praying for your downfall. Don't matter how long the relationship has been if they are not on the side of right then they don't need to shine in your light.

Also most importantly learn to love yourself unconditionally the way you would want another person to love you. Sometimes we tend to want things from people that we wouldn't even take time out to do for ourselves, so yes most important show unconditional love to yourself and it will show through your natural glow. Get to know new positive people and do new things that help you towards the growth your trying accomplish for yourself. Sometimes its okay to be selfish with yourself, you never know how precious your energy is to other people you decide to surround yourself around. So every now and then take yourself out instead of always having a partner, give yourself them vibes and that type of intention you will be surprised of the encouragement you project to your own life.

Finally also learn to show love and give positive vibes to others. As much as you want people to support your growth, its also even better to support others on the same path that your taking as well. As I always tell my friends God is still working on me and I am not perfect, but I am still learning and growing into a strong wise black woman. I'm truly a person that is supportive and helpful in any way I can to positive people; and I am honestly truly grateful for that quality. I believe everyone has it, you just got to project to others with a supportive heart and you will see positive changes in your life. I hope this advice is helpful to you Queens and Kings and if you have any suggestions or comment drop them below. I would love to see you guys view on this topic and some suggestions you can share to others as well. 


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