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A few of my Fav Loc Products

Hey Love Bugs!! The summer is approaching us and I know you guys cant wait to let your mind go crazy with your locs/natural curls lol. I love the styling my locs in the summer, because honestly to me you can do a lot with your hair with no time spent under a dryer (thank you baby Jesus 🤗) instead use good ole mother nature take its course with different air drying methods out there for us naturals . Summer is the season of wash n goes and curly styles with a little to extreme flares with color oppose to straightening your curls. When your hair is straight its easier for the oils to travel down the hair shaft in contrast to curly hair its harder for the oils to travel down the hair's natural spiral pattern. Therefore moisturizing is very important to us curly girls if not then you will experience breakage and in some cases a itchy scalp. Also if you love color  just as much as I love color LOL your definitely going to want to be consistent with moisturizing your locs/curls due to the fact that most colors with ammonia and other chemicals shrinks the hair shaft which makes it more likely to brake off when its in a dry state (ain't nobody got time for that)!!!! FYI The Pantene Oil Crème Moisturizer  is the only product in the pic that has parabens and mineral oils and yes I know its bad but it moisturizes my locs very well without the heavy feeling to them. 

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So I know nowadays a lot of packaging of products are becoming more alluring to our eyes aka product junkies (Hints: Me 🙋) LOL, but we must control ourselves and commit to at least one product line. (Cantu was my favorite line to use when I first started my natural hair journey, a really good product BTW). For all the new naturals/transitioning always look for the ingredients of the product before purchasing always do your research on the products to get an idea of what your about to spend your money on. I don't know if you guys are like me, but when I'm in a store depending on the product, I will pull out my phone and watch a few YouTube vids to give me idea of what product has to offer. Now if you don't understand any of the ingredients put that product down ASAP it is not for you at all. Understand that all natural products have ingredients that most everyday people can understand. With that being said the first ingredient listed is usually the ingredient the product carries the most amount of, which for us curly girls should be water (aqua,eau). Water is the key to moisturizing  your hair and body, a healthy diet and life also contribute to healthy hair as well. Oils are the next ingredients you want to look out for which should look something like this ex: CoCo Nucifera (coconut oil). The oils the company promotes in their products should always have the Latin meaning of the oil along with the name. You don't want products with a lot of alcohols, mineral oils and parabens which are not good for your already healthy curls, these products tend to dry out your curls and some leave residue on the hair shaft AKA white flakes 🙅. 

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Now I'm not going to lie when I was first able to put my locs in a bun gel was the first product I reached for to sleek down my edges for that look to slay hunny .... LOL That was a decision I wouldn't say I regret but I wished I hadn't done it at the same time if you get what I mean. Gel can cause extreme product build up at the root of the loc, if you dont use a good clarifying shampoo (Black soap, Dr. Bronner, or ACV wash) the gel will stay caked up at the root of your loc which can cause a lot of itching being that technically your hair isn't 100% clean ☹. So I figured hey why not try edge control to tame my edges which worked very well for me ( if you have locs for best results mist your roots with some water then lay your perimeter/edges down then cover with a silk scarf for at least 15-20 minutes). Like I said about your moisturizers you will also carry that same mindset with your edge control which is paying attention to the ingredients in the product of choice. I personally love edge control over gel regarding laying down my edges, because edge controls delivers a sleek look with moisture without hardening the hair which is a huge plus !!!! 👍👍
Overall Ladies you wanna keep your hair moisturized as you slay all summer with your natural curls. Remember Love Bugs natural hair is already healthy you just want to maintain them healthy curls as they grow. Healthy curls always take the best photos! ✌

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